Scented Candles to Burn All Love Month Long


February 8, 2021
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Let these scented candles make a case for a fragrant, feel-good February



February can be a polarizing month. With love being the central topic of conversation and celebration, it’s a time when we find ourselves feeling especially cherished or especially single. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you happen to find yourself on, we’re spotlighting a sensorial way to usher in love month, alone or otherwise.


Scented candles are a great way to set the mood, no matter what the mood you’re trying to set is. Gearing up for a romantic Valentine’s weekend? Don’t forget to pack a candle. Enjoying a weekend solo? Sounds like a scented candle would make it better. Trying to forget the ex you spent last Valentine’s with? You guessed it: extinguish that old flame and light a scented candle instead.


Ahead, we’ve gathered our favorite candles—all locally made, all shoppable online—to make your February a little better.


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Best for: A Weekend in Bed

It’s our first (and hopefully only) Valentine’s during the pandemic, so why not spend it fully reveling in the pleasures of the great indoors? Think pajamas all day, afternoon naps and email notifications left on silent.


SERRINE CANDLES 003 White Sheets, P749


RABBIT ROOM Moon Garden Coconut Candle, P1950


Best for: An Instant Pick-Me-Up

All we really want is a feel-good February—and these warm, nostalgic scents might just do the trick.


SAAN SAAN No. 02 Baker Street of Poblacion, P550


TRANQUIL CO. A.M + P.M (Cafe Latte & Spiced Wine), P600


Best for: Decorating Your Space

Often pretty and photogenic and double tap-worthy, scented candles a flatlay favorite over on Instagram and an easy way to spruce up a space.


RADIANTE CANDLES Botanical Scented Candle, P790

THE WICK SHOP Lavender & Peppermint Candle



Best for: Something Extra

If you happened to click into this article in pursuit of a Valentine’s Day gift idea, consider your problem solved. Give your SO the gift of fragrance and flowers with these decked out gifting boxes.




NINGAS CANDLE CO. Valentine’s Day Bundle, P3000

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Love is the word for us at Wonder this month, and style dispatches and shopping wishlists just happen to be among our many love languages. Here are fresh releases to love from the realms of fashion and beauty.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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