1. First things first: How do you feel about soulmates?

2. Now, complete this sentence: the best part about love is ___________.

3. What is the first thing that catches your attention about a person?

4. You were just asked out on a date. Where would this take place?

5. You’re picking out your look for your date. What color palette are you working with?

6. What are you ordering for the night?

7. Pick a relationship stumbling block you wouldn’t mind living with and working through with your love interest.

8. You two decide to pose for a date night photo. What do you upload to Instagram?

9. It’s time to cap off the date. What do you two do?

10. What cheesy line would you not mind being told at the end of the date:

11. Your next date is a weekend away together. Where do you head off to?

Walk Us Through Date Night and We’ll Tell You Which Romance Author You Are
You got Nicholas Sparks

Author of The Notebook, The Lucky One, The Last Song and several other literary works-turned-movie projects, Nicholas Sparks is no stranger to writing love stories that resonate with a large audience. Like him, you understand that love can be simple and straightforward yet complex all at once…and you are attuned to this. When it comes to love, as with many other facets of life, you like to approach it with reason. When conflicts arise, you look to understand the “how” and the “why.” Just because you try not to let emotion run the show, however, doesn’t mean you don’t have your soft spots or moments of vulnerability. For one, the moment you get nostalgic over something, that has to run its course.
You got Danielle Steel

Find the name and that font familiar? Yup, these are the books you’ve seen time and time again at bookstores. Like Danielle Steel, you’re a fan of the classic, ever-relatable storyline. What others might find predictable, you have no problem embracing. You don’t mind letting your imagination get away from you from time to time either. It all works in your favor anyway considering that wild imagination is coupled with a great sense of intuition. You let your gut feeling be your guide, which pays off on occasion but does hurt your relationship in moments where you are more guarded than usual. Still, you march on as a soldier of love: always learning, always evolving (the constant hope is that it’s for the better).
You got Jill Shalvis

Author of the Lucky Harbor and Heartbreaker Bay series, Jill Shalvis basks in the fun parts of falling in love. The first kiss, the first date, the first month: like Shalvis, you relish in these moments and who’s to say you shouldn’t? Someone’s got to hold out for the fireworks kind of love and the butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of romance. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you find a way to look forward to the good days of a relationship and that in itself is one of your assets.
You got E. L. James

Provocative romance is obviously more your type (or it subconsciously is, anyway). Like the characters James writes, you aren’t one for baring your soul to just anybody. You like to think of yourself as a very private person. What goes on behind closed doors is nobody else’s business but yours…and the one you’re with. Whether or not you admit it, you’re the sensual and adventurous type. But this does come with a catch: when it comes to matters of the heart, it takes a lot to earn your trust.

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